Best of Maryland Arts Education Festival

April 17th, 2020! -Mt. Vernon, Downtown Baltimore

Details about the Best of Maryland Arts Education Festival.


12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m.
DANCE in Baltimore Center Stage, Education Studio
Modern Repertory:Students will work with choreographer, Ken Skrzesz, to create a brief modern dance piece based on the theme of "celebration."

INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC in Peabody's Centre Street Performance Studio

VOCAL MUSIC in Peabody's Cohen-Davison Hall

12:30  p.m. - 1:30  p.m.
THEATRE in St. Ignatius' Social Hall
Devising and Creating! Dana Parsons will focus on experiential physical theatre that culminates in a short performance piece!

CREATIVE WRITING in Baltimore Center Stage, Deering Lounge
led by Lara Payne

1:30  p.m. - 2:30  p.m.
MEDIA ART in Walters Art Museum, Classroom B
led by Future Makers

VISUAL ART in Walters Art Museum, Sculpture Court
Looking at Art- Led by a Museum Educator, students will practice close looking and exercise 21st century skills as they analyze and discuss works of art from the Walters’ collection.

2:00  p.m. - 3:00  p.m.
DANCE in Baltimore Center Stage, The Head Theatre
Quynn Johnson -Tap Master Class,  includes a tap warm up, working on the basic movements of tap dance, as well as progressions across the floor to work on tap technique, and a fun/ high energy tap combination.

THEATRE in Baltimore Center Stage Education Studio  
Storytelling Can Teach ANYTHING! sponsored by Young Audiences

2:30  p.m. - 3:30  p.m.
VISUAL ART in Walters Art Museum, Classroom B
Gallery Drawing- Led by Teaching Artist and Museum Educator Susan Dorsey, students will utilize museum pieces as inspiration for drawing exercises that strengthen their observational skills.

3:00  p.m. - 4:00  p.m.
CREATIVE WRITING in Mount Vernon Place United Methodist, Library
led by Laura Payne

INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC WORKSHOP in Peabody Conservatory, Centre Street Performance Studio

BROADWAY DANCE  in Baltimore Center Stage, Education Studio   
Students will work with a Baltimore Center Stage teaching artist, to practice Broadway Dance style.

VISUAL ART Architecture and Design at the Washington Monument
The Design of Mount Vernon Place